Technics SL-1200G Mat Recommendations

Has anyone with this TT had good results with aftermarket Mats? 
@atmasphere recently mentioned that the stock mat could be improved upon.
Its tricky! The problem is that the spindle height on the Technics is rather short, so many platter pads mean that you can only use a record weight rather than a clamp.

We've used the Oracle pad with good results.
for the 1200G I am using:

Stillpoints LPI
Boston Audio Design Mat
Ortofon LH-4000 with Headshell wires from LH-6000
Lyra Delos 1.75 grams at 0 on VTA

Took a while for Delos to settle in but wow.  sounds incredible.  The Delos is incredible but you have to have major patience.
Just installed a herbies excellent mat 4mm, 285mm diameter.  
fits within the lip of the platter.  raises the height 1mm (4mm thick) which is good for shorter cartridges.  

so far it sounds much better than the achromat, bull mat and stock mat. i will be keeping this one.  
@tzh21y  Boston Mat 1 or 2?

@avanti1960  I use a Hana SL which is shorter than most. Herbies might be a good option. When I had a Rega P3-24, I chucked the wool mat and replaced it with a Herbies.
You can’t go wrong with SAEC SS-300 mat. It fits SP-10MKII platter, SP-20, SL1210mkII platter, i mostly using my SS-300 on Luxman PD-444.

Saec SS-300 alloy mat (870g) eliminates the distortion-producing resonance in the 200-400Hz range, which is common to most all conventional rubber mats. This results in a 10~20dB net reduction in overall resonance, to further reduce distortion at its source. Some cartridges are sensivite to the rotor under the platter, felt mats can’t solve the problem.

Honestly, I don’t know any better matt for the price under $400