Technics SL-1200G Anti-Skating

I used a Feickert Universal Protractor to align my Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge.  Instructions are to set anti-skating to zero, but it never says to set anti-skating to Technics specifications, so I left it that way.  At record start, the stylus would too often stake a little before it set into a groove.  

I decided to set anti-skating as recommended by Technics and the stylus stopped staking at set down.  As far as I can tell, all other settings are fine - and the music sounds great.  

Any other 1200G users that leave anti-skating at zero.  If so, why?
No, I use the anti-skating but here’s the best way to set it, because, there is no accurate way of doing this and the skating force is dynamic and constantly changing. At the proper VTF, use a blank area on the run out that is not in the groove and set the stylus on that area with the platter turning. Adjust the anti-skating so that the arm moves inward ever so gradually while riding on a flat, non-grooved area. That will be optimal. Try it and you’ll see.
Thank you both!  The Sound Smith video was very informative.  I'm going to try this method later today.
I would be interested to learn if you find that following Peter's method results in a significant difference as compared to just setting it as per the dial on your Technics TT.  FWIW, my experience on my GAE has been that the Technics setting is about right using Peter's method to check it.
I set my anti-skate at about half for the Delos.  1.75 tracking force.  just below 1 on the anti-skate.
I used a Feickert Universal Protractor to align my Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge. Instructions are to set anti-skating to zero

Instructions for what? 
Surely when you set-up everything the anti-skating must be at ZERO, but after set up is done it must be the same as the tracking force, slightly lover if the stylus is MicroRidge and related. 

If the tonearm is "12 inch like Thomas Schick there is no antiskating at all for such a long arm. 

But with your 9.5 inch tonearm antiskating must be adjusted. 

You can always buy a Hi-Fi Test LP to adjust antiskating, there are 4 bads to do that. Read about it, it's a great tool 
Instructions for what?
Feickert's instructions for using the protractor.

Thanks for the Hi-Fi Test LP link.  I'm going to guy the LP.