Technics SL-1100

I was talking with a coworker of mine about how I still listen to vinyl. She said she had an old turnatble she no longer used and wanted to know if I wanted it. I told her yes. It is a Technics SL-1100. I can't find much about on the Web except that it has a bigger motor than the SL-1200. Can anyone tell me anything about it?

I probably will use it in a mid-fi system so my kids can use it.

John, check out this ebay auction:

It has photos and a short description of the SL-1100.
I got the Technics SL-1000 today. It is a manual turntable. It has a Audio Technica headshell with an AT20SS cartridge and. The turntable seems to be in working order. Does anyone know what the tracking force should be set up for this cartridge?

Whoops... I meant SL-1100, not SL-1000.

John, try this link:

They offer a replacement stylus for the AT20SS. Give them a call or an email. They might know what tracking force to use.

Thanks for the reply. I sold the AT20SS cart on ebay. Auction ended today. It sold for $189. I put a Grado Black on the Technics SL-1100 and my kids use it to play Disney records and other kids stuff. The turnatble is built like a tank.

I have had 1200's for 9years and the only thing that comes close to them is the Technincs 1100 and 1800. They will scratch and sound like 1200's without all the cool extras like a stop button and slide pitch control.
is anybody interested in selling there sl 1100 here?