Technics SHAC-500 questions

I'm going to be setting up a 2 channel system that will make use of a Technics SHAC-500 to be used as needed for movies in my Dad's system. To those of you that have this unit and / or are familiar with it, did this unit come with a dedicated manual ? The manual that i have for it is actually labeled for use with a Technics SF-DX7 AV receiver. As such, the directions for operation of the SHAC-500 are intermingled with those for using it with the DX7. If there is a dedicated manual, i'd like to know so that i can order one. The one that i have is less than "good", but then again, most manuals nowadays aren't very informative or easy to follow along with.

Other than that, does this unit have an adjustable hinge frequency for the subwoofer out ? From what i can find, it appears to be a full range output and relies on the signal from either the source or the supporting receiver for crossover frequencies. Is this correct ?

Is it possible to use the SHAC-500 by itself fed via a toslink cable to directly drive an amp i.e. no preamp in circuit ? I'm asking because the attenuation range doesn't seem to be too wide i.e. -12 to +12 or only 25 steps at most. If i can feed the toslink from his DVD player directly into this unit, it would allow me to bypass his preamp when watching movies, which would make for a much neater 2 channel installation.

Thanks for any and all help. Sean
1. There is a dedicated manual.
2. There is 'some' bass management with sub crossover if you select other than 'LARGE' for any of the main speakers.
3. I have used it as a preamp/controller and found the attenuation range adequate.

OTOH, my unit is a SHAC-500D and may be different.
Thanks for your response Kal. I'll have to dig up a manual.

Is there ANY adjustability to the sub crossover if all the channels are set to large ? If you set the rears to "small", at what freq do they start to roll-off ? Hope you don't mind, but you've got a "good" manual and i don't : ) Sean
I have the manual but it's at my weekend house. I will look at it on Saturday. If you can, remind me.
Thank you for your kindness. I appreciate the effort and going out of the way to help me out. Sean
There is no adjustability for any crossover. Either "Large" (and no BM) or "Small" (and BM with an implied crossover at 100Hz). The unit does have level and delay adjustments for all channels and can create phantom center.

Thank you very much Kal. Looks like i'll need an outboard crossover for what i want to do with this unit : ( Sean
Can anyone know where I can find the manual for the Technics SH-AC500?
Next time you are in NYC, I will let you read mine. ;-)