Technics SE-R1 anyone actually own one? Reviews are few

Hi everyone.  After searching the heck out of Google and YouTube, looking for more current reviews, I came up pretty light.  Most of the "press" is now 3-4yrs old on these.  The reviews that are out there are great, but from the usual trade publications.  The SE-R1 is peppered throughout "Class D Discussions" as Class D done right... BUT I am curious about owner impressions living with the R1 system for months, or even years by now.  Anyone?  Bueller?  2018 Review?

Outside of Technics Turntables, their other gear does not seem to get reviewed much. 

Ohhh, and is the Analog input on this really Analog? The Absolute Sound Review mentioned the Analog Input gets converted to 192/24.  I find that baffling.  (Not be confused with the SU-R1 Network Player/Pre-Amp) 

Given they are know for their Turntables-- it would seem odd to potentially go from Analog Vinyl, Analog Pre-Amp, Analog Input on the SE-R1 AMP, *Converted to Digital 192/24*, Converted back to PWM/Analog OUT...  <Scratching Head>

Thanks to anyone who can shed more light on this.