Technics SB-R1 Reference Speakers

Has anyone heard these speakers? I know they are probably more popular over seas, and not a whole lot of info or reviews here, but hoping someone has heard them and what your thoughts were?
The SB-G90 (Grand Class Model) I have had the opportunity to listen to and I do own the Premium Class SB-C700 Speakers.
The x-over components (SB-C700) are good quality high spec parts-a lot goes into the neo Technics Gear.
Solid Cabinets / Finish. 
The SB-G90 design has an innovative internal baffle mount for the drivers
which Technics made the effort to use.
Stereophile's Herb Reichert Review of Premium Class SB-C700 here:
Technics Premium Class SB-C700 loudspeaker |
Technics Speaker System SB-G90 here:
Please do give the SB-R1 'Speaker System' a suitable amount time to make an impression.
Then make a decision on just how good ...

Read quite a bit on these!
They seem outstanding!,
160lbs a piece!  No cheap stuff here!!

Buy some of those long speaker covers for them, when not in use, take care of those, will last a long time!

Hi George,

Yes I did see that, but that is priced as “each”, they just did not display that.
Rego and articdeth,

Thanks for the info, will keep you posted!
The Panasonic showroom at Umekita Osaka is my must go place every time I visit Japan.  I currently own Eidolon Diamond and YG Haileys and my reference monitors are the SBC700.  A friend of mine bought the R1 after he borrowed my C700s for a month and he's been real happy 2 years ownership and counting.