Technics SB-R1 Reference Speakers

Has anyone heard these speakers? I know they are probably more popular over seas, and not a whole lot of info or reviews here, but hoping someone has heard them and what your thoughts were?
Oh yes, I did research much as there is on them, but mainly basing my purchase on my dealers word that I have dealt with a lot and trust and who knows me and what I like. Plus if for some reason I don’t like them, I can trade them in toward another speaker so nothing to lose really.

Was just wondering if anyone else had heard them to toss that into the mix while I was deciding. But again, I know they are not that well known here but were designed to be top end competitors with lots of great technology inside them.

We shall see!
Yes those are the ones!

Did you miss the price? and new too!

Cheers George (maybe not in this case)
The SB-G90 (Grand Class Model) I have had the opportunity to listen to and I do own the Premium Class SB-C700 Speakers.
The x-over components (SB-C700) are good quality high spec parts-a lot goes into the neo Technics Gear.
Solid Cabinets / Finish. 
The SB-G90 design has an innovative internal baffle mount for the drivers
which Technics made the effort to use.
Stereophile's Herb Reichert Review of Premium Class SB-C700 here:
Technics Premium Class SB-C700 loudspeaker |
Technics Speaker System SB-G90 here:
Please do give the SB-R1 'Speaker System' a suitable amount time to make an impression.
Then make a decision on just how good ...