Technics SB-R1 Reference Speakers

Has anyone heard these speakers? I know they are probably more popular over seas, and not a whole lot of info or reviews here, but hoping someone has heard them and what your thoughts were?
I always respect people who think out of the box, and dare. There is a lot going on in different regions, always has been the case. And i like speakers with extended frequency response too.
Most likely you did your research before committing to a so demanding speaker.

They were part of a Technics super system driven with the SE-R1 poweramp at shows a couple of years ago.

Cheers George
Oh yes, I did research much as there is on them, but mainly basing my purchase on my dealers word that I have dealt with a lot and trust and who knows me and what I like. Plus if for some reason I don’t like them, I can trade them in toward another speaker so nothing to lose really.

Was just wondering if anyone else had heard them to toss that into the mix while I was deciding. But again, I know they are not that well known here but were designed to be top end competitors with lots of great technology inside them.

We shall see!