Technics SB-G90 Speaker's

I took delivery of my pair of speakers last week. Pretty impressed so far. Looking for others with same speakers to get an idea of brake-in and any tips.
Running with Marantz PM-KI Ruby integrated
Hey Waltroman, about to pull the trigger on a used pair of these. How do you like them after a few months of listening?

I have not spent much time here. I had a considerable amount of time getting these set up correctly. I bought a Marantz KI-Ruby before buying these speaakers and spent months trying to get them to image. It was if the music was stuck to the speakers and sounded constipated. This past weekend before I sold everything and started over I decided to do my best. My room is 14 X 30 with a hallway  and two open doorways off the back wall where I sit.  It is pretty dead sounding. Every speaker I listened to in this room required some fussing with. My problem with these speakers was I was not prepared for how much they changed with bake-in.

Well I can report the fiddleing prooved successfull. I can now say that these speakers are some of the best I have listened to in this house and the doubts I was having about the Marantz KI-Ruby were unfounded. Even the phono stage is 1'st class. I am surprised at the bottom end low level detail like hearing clearly the pedal work on piano's and room pressure from drum solo's. 

If you buy a pair stick with them as they brake-in.

My SB-G90's are on the long wall and are set out around 40 inches. I have they angled in to where I can just see the inside panel. I have not measured they may be around 9 feet apart.  This was basic Audio Physic setup with my couch set against the back wall.

I have to confess that since I had these speakers new I had been running the Supra speaker cables in the wrong direction. I hesitated saying this because I can hear the engineers eyes rolling but it made a dramatic difference in bass weight and dynamics. I also changes out the power cable on my Marantz KI-Ruby to a PS Audio mini-LAB cable I have owned for years.  These speakers in this setup are amazing.