Technics SB-7070 Like really fine wine from a box.

I drove 8 hrs and bought a pair of these yesterday after hearing a pair owned by a friend. I didn't have any experience with Technics products up until recently and frankly I thought they sucked except for what I had read about their turn tables. Little did I know some Japanese genius was building these things when I was still wetting the bed. I have listened to a lot of speakers lately and I know the room, and musical tastes, power etc. differ with every situation and person's taste. For what I listen too and where, these are pure bliss. To my ear they are head and shoulders above so many other things that I have heard. go figure. Amazing. They look like something the Jawa's and the Sand People would would fight a war over. Wife "approval" came after hearing one of her favorite songs, with a cryptically encoded "well, they don't look that bad". It takes a great sounding doo doo brown speaker to pull that off.
Just goes to show how the right environment brings out the best in equipment.Good for you.Enjoy.