Technics RCA mod, which type of wire?

Hi, the interconnect on one of my Technics 1200s was recently damaged and needs replacement. Currently these sit at home but I want to eventually gig with them so I feel this is an opportune time to upgrade the RCAs to female jacks with a separate interconnect.

I really want the best materials that I can get, I intend to use Cardas GFRA jacks mounted thru a 40mm acrylic disk, but I am unsure of what type of wire I should use for the really short section that will connect the jacks to the PCB.

I'm planning on making my order thru Sonic Craft, would it be correct in thinking that their Litz chassis wire would work well for this application?

if so, it comes in various gauges, and I've heard this can directly affect the sound. What gauge might be best for either neutral or slightly more bass/treble? (I spin mostly drum n bass or tech house)

Thanks in advance for the help!

- Jay