Technics phono cartridges?

Will we ever see Technics cartridges?  Turntables but no cartridges.
If we do, more than likely they will be re-badged from another cartridge manufacture. I'm not even sure that when they did sell cartridges that they were made by Technics.

They were developed and made by Technics (Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. ), but it was a different market for cartridges back in the 80's. Also Technics cartridges at that time were very expensive (I mean the best of them). 

If they will make such cartridge (like P100 mk4, EPC 100c mk3, or 205c mk4) today you can imagine the price or you can't? 

It would be really nice if they could make replacement styli for their old high-end cartridges.