Technics new range of gears.

Greetings to all music lovers out there.

I starting this topic for we talk about the Technics new range of gears.

My take: 

It's very nice that they released again the SL1200 turntables and SP-10, this new ones appears to be great products that can appeal for a lot of HiFi enthusiasts due theirs cost/performance ratio, for example, that SL1200G can perform very well in a vinyl playback system on a true high end system, and the new SP-10 is no doubt amazing!

What I find very strange is:

Meanwhile they released again this legendary turntables, with amazing build quality and performance, honoring the fact why this turntables appealed for a wide range of audio enthusiasts,  their new amplification range of gears, doesn't make much sense.

I mean: when you first look their new reference series, you think that the turntables are part of a complete Technics system, from source to amplification and speakers, but when checking closely the technological way that they choose, it's clear that their reference series it's totally focused on high resolution digital audio and CDs, there's no phono stage, neither separated or built in on the preamplifier.

There's only a phono stage one of their more low cost new integrates, but even here, doesn't make much sense, because the integrated is a digital amp that converts the analog phono signal to digital to 192-kHz/24-bit A/D converter [Burr-Brown PCM1804 (Texas Instruments), and then, to analog again.

What do you think about this approach of Technics? 

By the way, anyone had the opportunity to listen the Integrated Amplifier SU-G700? (this one have a phono stage).

Thanks, best regards to all.


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Yes ...  and both Grand Class Integrateds feature a Phono Pre.
The SU- G30 and SU-G700 both offer an integrated Phono Preamp MM.
Premium Class SU-C700 also features an Integrated Phono Preamp MM.
To be clear I have had the opportunity to listen to Grand Class SU-G770
Integrated and SU-G90 Loudspeaker set.
The playback is Quiet Background Detailed and Holographic.
And Yes I hear a notable Quality difference from an Analog / TT Source compared to CD, and FLAC Files.
By comparison the Reference Gear represents three to four if not five to ten levels of refinement.
Premium Grand, and Reference classes all appear to be based upon the same Topology Features.
JENO Engine
High Speed Hybrid Power Supply
What do I think ... ? In one word.