Technics Compact Linear Trackers, SL-__; SL-Q____ Vertical SL-V5. ADVICE PLEASE

I will add a TT in my office, not audiophile grade.

Purpose: To hear LP’s I intend to sell, listening to results of cleaning, how quiet, verify no skips, bimps. Casual listening, while doing other things, leave room, perhaps forget playing, so I need auto lift, prefer auto off.

Easy idea will ONLY FIT a very compact TT, max 13" depth,

So I have been learning about the Technics Compact SL line, 12-1/2" deep lid open. Lots of various models, belt, direct drive, and Quartz Direct Drive. Lots of work/expense to fit a TT deeper than 13" when lid open. I have lots of dust from forced air system.

Best looking idea is to get a Vertical TT SL-V5, and have it side by side with my Reel to Reel in Vertical Position, nice operating height. I have the nice Micky Mouse Dust Cover for the 10" reels on the X2000r, that would also be awesome looking.

ONLY ONE Technics Vertical SL-V5 for sale now, (that I can find, at any price). I agreed to buy it, very low price too, but seller in Fonthill, Ontario Canada will not ship it.

So, a few questions:

1. Some direct drive have speed pots. Are the QUARTZ models the only ones with ’perfect’ speed?
2. Known problems other than arm grease and arm belt?
3. Programmable Models (nice but don’t need). IF program function fails, do they still play in basic mode?
4. Anybody have a line on buying a Technics SL-V5?

the biggest question:

5. Anyone near Foothill, Ontario willing to pick it up, pack, ship to me, I will pay of course. ONLY ONE for sale, very nice unit, very low price, a shame, a dirty rotten shame to not get it. Seller could keep it till you pick it up at your convenience. I would be most appreciative, and take my lumps if anything happened, it is only $200. CAD, $150. USD, well worth the risk to me.

regards, Elliott

read the initial post. I am asking for a favor from a friendly forum member to help me get something I want to BUY, something wonderful, rare, the ONLY ONE for me to BUY!!!!!

the recalcitrant seller won't ship.
Just go with an Sl-10, you won’t regret it.....
I purchased an SL-10 about 6 months ago. Have been very pleased and it gets used everyday now. I suppose most wouldn't consider it audiophile grade, whatever that means, but quite frankly it is better than I ever expected it to be. While it has a built in step up for the Technics EPS-310 cartridge I haven't used it since my external phono has multiple gain settings. I guess I should try it sometime.

thanks, SL-10 is 1980-1984, seems plentiful for future repair parts

I am still trying for the SL-V5 Vertical One, just because it would look so special next to my vertical X1000r. Even though it is the only one around, I have been told the standard SL-5 horizontal version uses identical parts, so I am less concerned about future repairs of the rare V5.

I found a Canadian friend 1-1/2 hours away to pick it up.

UPS, and UPS Canada, will pack and ship, all anyone has to do is put it in a bag and drop it off. UPS will bill my credit card,

but seller hasn’t responded to my messages, very frustrating

numbers and dates of these compact models are in no way logical: from Vinyl Engine.

Quartz (accurate clock rather than some speed adjustment?)
Some have Q in model number, some say quartz on front panel

DD programmable track versions

SL-15, 1981-? (quartz)
SL-6, 1982-1983 (no quartz mention)
SL-Q6, 1983-1984 (quartz)
SL-J3, 1984-1987 (quartz)
SL-J33, 1986-? (quartz)

DD non-programmable versions

SL-7, 1981-1983 (quartz)
SL-5, 1982-1983 (not quartz)
SL-V5, 1983 (not quartz) Only Vertical Model, same as V5 inside
SL-Q5, 1983 (quartz)
SL-10, 1980-1984 (quartz)
SL-J2, 1984-1988 (quartz0

Belt Models
SL-3; SL-J1; SL-J11


thanks for responding and encouragement, regarding phono eq:

My modern Audio Technica LP-120 has switchable phono preamp. I had McIntosh Solid State C28 Preamp, I actually preferred the TT's built-in phono preamp to the McIntosh.

I went back to tubes: sold the SS C28 and got a very old McIntosh Tube Tuner/Preamp mx110z, I prefer it's phono to the TT's. Loce this mx110z.

Happily the mx110z has TWO Phono Inputs. Without anticipating it, when I went for my 2 arm turntable, I simply switch arms via Phono 1 and Phono 2. I'm now using vintage JVC Victor TT81 spinner, will give the Audio Technica LP120 to a friend when safe to visit him. It is too deep to fit in my office bookcase, that is why I am after one of these compact TT's, and that Vertical one would look so cool.