Technics and Threshold?

This might sound crazy - but I recently acquired two pieces of gear at garage sales - thinking of putting them to use in my modest bedroom system that did not have analog until these things miraculously appeared:

A technics SLD3 turntable and a Threshold FET10pc phono stage.

I'll put just a few hundred bucks into getting them both going - technics should get a new cartridge - has an old inexpensive audiotechnica.

Any reason why this odd couple pairing can't co-exist (very inexpensive TT and fairly high end phono stage?)

Need a cartridge recommendation - budget is probaby 80-140 - thinking grado, ortofon, but open to suggestions and howls.

Have lots of vinyl - especially jazz - hasn't been heard in years.
Orph: I have a confession. Ess's came with no diaphragm, just a big hole. I had no idea what brand they were - I assumed it was a manufacturers defect - which I promptly corrected with plywood.Years later I noticed my freind had the exact pair with the ESS logo - 610s for sure. Not sure I could find a replacement diaphragm anywhere...maybe just cut a smaller hole with lots of dampening material.... maybe they've had enough mutilation.
I had this combo for a minute and the slight hum from the Threshold fet 10pc annoyed me. I replaced the Threshold with an Allnic Aut-2000 SUT and a Harman Kardon Citation 1 Preamp. Nirvana.
Please check out Audio Cognoscenti:
Gdoodle, great find. I used a Threshold FET-10 for several years. The only reason I sold it was the need for external gain and load switching -- those 10 screws securing the top plate were a pain if you wanted to change often.

At one point a buddy with electronics background built a fully regulated power supply for me to replace the stock Technics unit. That improved performance with quieter background and deeper, more solid bass. At an informal shoot-out of phono units among friends my upgraded FET-10 was preferred over a Manley Steelhead by 3 out of 5 of the others present.

Two other friends also had the FET-10 years ago but both of their units developed noise. Mine remains quiet to this day, a friend now owns it, so if that is a problem it could be fixed.

One cartridge I used with the FET-10 was a Grado Reference (more than your budget) and it seemed to be a very good match, for whatever that might be worth.