Technics and Threshold?

This might sound crazy - but I recently acquired two pieces of gear at garage sales - thinking of putting them to use in my modest bedroom system that did not have analog until these things miraculously appeared:

A technics SLD3 turntable and a Threshold FET10pc phono stage.

I'll put just a few hundred bucks into getting them both going - technics should get a new cartridge - has an old inexpensive audiotechnica.

Any reason why this odd couple pairing can't co-exist (very inexpensive TT and fairly high end phono stage?)

Need a cartridge recommendation - budget is probaby 80-140 - thinking grado, ortofon, but open to suggestions and howls.

Have lots of vinyl - especially jazz - hasn't been heard in years.
Thanks. It's worth spending on the cartridge for my precious jazz vinyl.... (The analog goes with the bedroom system bought at retail, it's the computer system that was only $35.) I've heard about the grado 10% thing. After I try to set it up hope it won't be sounding like the bottom percentile again. Thanks for the link.
Upgrade the capacitors in the crossover of the ESS and buy new diaphragms. That will give you some killer new speakers.
Orph: I have a confession. Ess's came with no diaphragm, just a big hole. I had no idea what brand they were - I assumed it was a manufacturers defect - which I promptly corrected with plywood.Years later I noticed my freind had the exact pair with the ESS logo - 610s for sure. Not sure I could find a replacement diaphragm anywhere...maybe just cut a smaller hole with lots of dampening material.... maybe they've had enough mutilation.
I had this combo for a minute and the slight hum from the Threshold fet 10pc annoyed me. I replaced the Threshold with an Allnic Aut-2000 SUT and a Harman Kardon Citation 1 Preamp. Nirvana.
Please check out Audio Cognoscenti: