Technics A10 DVD digital output options

Can anyone who used this player with and outboard DAC comment on it performance with DVD-A? Looking to get one to mate with my Levinson 360S DAC. Two entirely different classes of equipment, I know, but a Stereophile reviewer used one when DVD-A was new. He may still. I just don't want to go out and buy a player for such a limited format( so far anyway). I have a great transort for CD and SACD so I'm not really concerned with those formats with regard to this player. Thanks.
Well, I still have those components but I have not had the A10 in the system for a while now. The A10 is built very well, much better than one expects for the prices it went for at the end. I have no idea what a used on goes for.

If I have time this weekend, I'll haul it out and run it through the Meridian 861 as the Levinson is in my other house.
Dvd-audio is analog output, maybe I don't understand. I do have that player.


This player and most disk players have digital outputs so you can use an outboard DAC. The DAC's used in a lot of players are less than optimal sonically, especially in mass market units like the Technics. Fortunately the digital output option gives owners a chance to upgrade the digital side as technology improves. Since you have an A10, you might consider just getting a different DAC instead of a whole new player next time you get the upgrade bug.

Sjh32, My only use for my Technics is as a Dvd-audio player so I only use it's 5.1 channel analog outputs. You can not use an outboard dac for dvd-audio with this player. My understanding from your post was that you were all set in the redbook and sacd department? This player will not output Dvd-audio through it's digital outputs but does make a pretty good transport for redbook if thats what your after. I bought mine new a few years back and it has been trouble free, I did use it as a video source the first couple of years I had's picture quality is very good.

Just today, my Parasound transport is placed on the disabled list due to a minor crack on its ac socket/iec bay. Until I get that replaced, I will be without a transport.

Actually, I do have a DVDA10, but I won't be placing it in my stereo system. I have done it before, and, each time, the DVDA10 leaves my system with a chilly/steely feel which lasts for days even after removing it from the system.

So far, I've used the DVDA10 in my system 3 times, and each time yielded the same result.

This might be an isolated incidence tho.
Viggen, I've not used my A-10 much for redbook at all. I had a redbook player at the time I bought the A-10..I did however play around with it enough to form an opinion as to which settings do bring out it's best in my system as a two channel redbook player. It has a feature called Re-master, this must be OFF or it will sound steely. It also sounds best if you use it's L/R outputs from the 5.1 analog group of outputs-set center & rear to no. These outputs will play the higher bit-rate DAD disc at full res also. It's been a couple of years but I think this is how I recall it, YMMV.

Hey Dave,

You remember correctly regarding the re-master function and using the multi-channel outputs. Actually, the cold steely sound isn't much of a sound but a feel. And it endures in my systems for days even after the DVDA10 has been removed from the system. I suspect it is a PSU problem. I've played with the re-master, which is a memory buffer, on and off, and it does sound better with the re-master off like you said. So, I used to play with the re-master off.

You say this "steely" sound of the A10 lasts for days after it's removed from the system. I don't understand. You refer to a PSU problem. What's that?

You know, I just know what I hear.feel. There is a cold steel feel in my system whenever the A10 is connected to it. I don't know why. I just surmise it can be the power suppy of the A10. However, I gave in lastnite and hooked the A10 up. And, there isn't as much of that steel feel anymore. Maybe it is cause I got it hooked up to an AudioMagic Stealth via a powercable with ferrite on it.

On a side note, Parasound's service department isn't too good. All I want is a replacement IEC socket for my Parasound CD player. They can't even get that straigthen out in less than two days. The "Timmy" guy has an anemic defensive attitude too (this means he sounds sleepy while being defensive about the quality of his work). I hope he gets some sleep over the weekend.
Yeah, I've dealt with Parasound once to ask them a question about my A21. I was just interested in knowing the differences between it and the JC1's because I wanted to know if it were possible to modify the amp with JC1 parts. His manner was like that of a lot of people in this business. A kind of lazy and snotty, like I was an idiot to ask and clearly wasting his valuable time. Funny, the dealer who sold it to me didn't think that way. BTW, have you ever used the A10 as a transport with an outboard DAC? Sogood's comment on this has got me worried since I just bought one and it's in transit. His comment about DVD-A goes against a few other sources including Stereophile. Thanks.
Actually, I am using the A10 as a transport right now. I've been using the Parasound CDP2000Ultra as a transport feeding a Nixon Dackit. The Parasound is out of commission until Timmy can send me an AC socket. But, yesterday, I bought a soldering gun and went DIY crazy. I made a digital cable out of an USB cord and can't wait to try it out. So, in goes the A10 into spot vacated by the Parasound. Sounds ok, can't really do any serious comparisons since I am only used to the Parasound in my system. But, the A10 isn't sounding too bad but there are a lot of variables that are different in my system now... diy speaker cables... interconnects...
I just found out today that the A-10 has a hidden menu that controls it's volume. You can drive your amp direct with this unit and control volume from the remote control..It does not say anything in the book about this that I have ever read...strange that Technics would do it this way and not tell you about this.

Hmmm, maybe we got different versions of the manual... well I haven't read the manual in a long time. I pretty much got all the necessary menu functions memorized. Lets see, to turn off Re-master is *action *9 *5 *down *return. Volume is *top funny button twice *toggle left once *toggle up or down to control volume. I memorized these, ofcourse, since, otherwise, you need to connect the damn thing to a monitor even when you're just using the A-10 as a CD player.

I've used the A-10 to drive a few of my former amps and can say atleast I didn't experience any dropping bits. Then again, I used to have a Meridian 518 that attenuates in digital domain and didn't experience any bits dropping their either.

Anyhow, I finally got that damn part from Parasound and repaired my transport a few nights ago. Back to the closet the A-10 goes.
Hi Viggen, I've always used the A-10 pretty much as a video player, guess I should have read the manual if it's in there as you say. It's still strange to me the way they set it up...hit display twice..toggle left/right and then toggle up or down. Strange!!! I still have not used the volume control and have no need to use it at this time but I am going to dig out the manual and read it now. Thanks

Has anyone heard of any mod's for the A10?