Technics 1210 Mk II

I stumbled across two of these that my brother in law no longer uses. Are there any companies that are modifying these tables to improve the performance for use in a high end two channel rig?
KAB is the gold standard for mods and upgrades to these tables.
Vicks, there are plenty of companies charging crazy money to modify Technics SL1200mk2. In my opinion it's not worth the investment for a top level mod with external power supply (this is the most expensive option).

Check the price from Zu Audio for their nice SL1210 mods:

What is worth is to rewire the deck with high quality tonearm internal and external wires, change the feets to Isonoe Feets, add KAB Fluid Damper on stock tonearm or replace the arm with $450 Jelco, classic SME, or new Audiomods... or whatever you want (depends on the cartridges you want to use).

If you want to invest more in SL1210 you'd better just buy used SP10mk2 which is much better deck.

I own two SL1210mk2 with Cardas internal wire, Zu audio mission rca external wire, KAB fluid damper on stock arm, Isonoe feets. Maybe i will change the tonearm one day.

Anyway since i bought SP10MK2 with "12 inch Tonearm i don't really want to use even upgraded SL1210mk2.

With SP10 you're limited to 9 inch tonearm only. With Rega or new SME the deck looks ugly. it can be OK deck with light weigh tonearm for high compliance MM cartridges in the second system IMHO. Or just amazing DJ deck, but not the main deck in Hi-End system when SP10 available for revy reasonable price!