Technics 1200G VTA Lock or unlock is the question?

I have found the the 1200G sounds better with the VTA lock not engaged.  Has anyone else tried it?  I am finding that certain tracking distortions on very hot tracks are virtually gone.  Glad I tried this.  I am sure the 1200GR would have the same results.
Wha....?Your opening statement was based on one trial?Which is it that seemed "to have some benefits in some ways"?  Locking or not locking?
Given the precision of manufacture of the device it could be more of a resonance issue with the tonearm(?)
Try strong (sustained) female vocal notes and see how the arm tracks/behaves.

Actually, upon reading back through the responses, I thought LewM was going to conclude by saying that AZIMUTH may be affected (which is a distinct possibility) but rather he refers to VTA.

VTA, I suspect, is unlikely to be noticeable because I doubt the locking mech could inflict a change of sufficient magnitude.
Now azimuth on the other hand...different story...