Technics 1200G VS VPI Prime Signature

Has anyone specifically compared these two turntables? Longevity plays a role here, but ultimately SQ is paramount. Aesthetically the Prime Signature (rosewood) is a beautiful looking table. Thinking about either table with Van Den Hul Grail, and VDH DDTII special. I have heard nothing but good things about Technics 1200G.  I have heard of some QC issues with VPI. The simplicity of the Technics unit is also a plus. Any input about this will be appreciated...
I will chime in here. I owned a Prime (not signature). I hated it from day one. Yes, it is beautiful and impressive looking but that 3D Unipivot arm is a piece of junk. I can’t believe they market that arm and people like it. The arm is flimsy feeling, does not give a good level of confidence , and mine constantly needed adjusting. Whenever I wanted to spin vinyl, I had to allow 15 or 20 minutes to get the arm to work properly. It was always slanted towards the left or right and I would have to play with the side weights. The motor was noisy from day one, VPI told me they were all like that. When the motor started up, there would be a shudder between the platter and motor.

I found myself not spinning vinyl any longer. After 2 years of ownership, I traded it in for half of what I paid (I was glad to get even that for it) and bought a new Technics SL1200G. I LOVE this turntable. It is very well built, the fit and finish is first rate, the arm is a joy to set up and use and it is set and forget, just like Ron Popeils Showtime Rotisserie Oven. The cueing is very accurate and precise, you can use any kind of brush on the record while spinning and the motor won’t bog down, I get no acoustic feedback which I did get with the Prime and my vinyl sounds sublime.

The Technics SL1200G is my last turntable.
Stereo54, Thank you! I have had similar feed back in regards to tonearm and always adjusting! I really appreciate your input. are you using the stock headshell? As indicated thinking VDH DDT2 special. What cartridge or cartridges are you using? I also like your Ron Popeils metaphor!! 
I am very happy with my 1200G. I am a record collector and needed something that would play vinyl and shellac well. I use everything from ADC to Miyajima and Phasemation cartridges-the headshells vary depending on the application. I got a damper from KAB and use Audio Sensibility cables.Whatever you do, don’t buy a VPI without using it first. They have a different "feel" that needs to be experienced.

Thanks Andy, I'm going Technics 1200G. Too many red flags with VPI. You mentioned damper? can you explain? I know Kevin at KAB, good knowledgeable guy.

I am using a ZU Audio Denon DL103 going into the MC section of my McIntosh C2500 preamp.  I am planning on the Dynavector DV20HXL cartridge in March or April.
This may be a sideways move

A sideways move from what?
I didn't understand either?
I just purchased a SL-1200G today.  I await its arrival. 
I have a VPI Scoutmaster and I am sick of fiddle F**cing around with it.
I will give a report in a few days.


You are going to love it.  You will find yourself spinning much more vinyl.

I purchased mine on Monday! Please do report back. Stereo 54 likes the Oracle Acrylic Platter Mat, I've read about Achromat. What cartridge are you going with and have you decided your phono stage?
I got a damper from KAB ...

Fluid damper required ONLY for very high compliance cartridges on this tonearm. 
Thanks in regards to the fluid damper Chakster...
Keep us updated on the 1200G I have the 1200GR and Love it. One thing, some VPI's can be ordered, I thought, with a Gimball tonearm
HIfi Heaven just called to tell me my 1200G was damaged. Only one in stock. I can find the GAE, I want the 1200G. Help! I need to find one...
Call Adirondack Audio and ask for Jason or Fred. I bought mine there.  They are located in Queensbury, NY   
Thank You, I'll give them a call in the morning. I appreciate this...
Adirondack was out, but was able to find a new 1200G in CA.
Just got mine set up last night. Its a demo and I am ok with that as it came to me with a Ortofon quintet black S cart on her. More on that later.
I was only able to spin a few but I must say at first impression overall the fit and finish is second to none.
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Happy to hear that. Are you happy with the cartridge? I've heard the lighter record weight is a good addition. I'm going to start off with the stock mat. Keep me posted and I'll share my observations when I'm up and running. I won't get my VDH phono stage until mid to later Jan. 
Everyone should be happy with their possessions .  I've been using a VPI arm for many years and haven't had problems in that many years.  It may "feel" weird for the first couple of times you use it, but then a new mattress one adjusts.  Once its set up properly it is stable in the groove (not in the handling), but remains one of the excellent arms being manufactured today.
Mine is an SL1200GAE, functionally the same as the G, and for about 3 years it sat next to a Prime until I upgraded the Prime to VPI's HW-40 last year.  I would say the two turntables are focused on different customers with quite different priorities.  The Technics is definitely easier to set up and to use especially for those who might want to change cartridges frequently.   For example, I have two Ortofon 2M cartridges, a Black for stereo and and an otherwise identical 2M SE Mono wired for mono.  The Technics with it's interchangeable headshells is ideal for things like this.  The Technics is also dead accurate for speed.  By contrast the Prime right out of the box is not so easily set up and changing cartridges is best accomplished by buying a second arm.  Doable for sure, but not quite the same thing.  And the Prime was off speed until I added the Phoenix Engineering tachometer and controller, oh and triple belts.  Then there was an extra $1,000 for a periphery ring.  Then VPI came out with a mod for the arm that stabilized the unipivot and then...well you get the idea.  The VPI is an on-going work in progress.  The Technics is for the record collector that does not want to spend a lot of time and effort messing with the TT.  Set it and forget it.  That's the spirit.  The Prime is for the audiophile/hobbyist who likes to mess around, seek improvements, takes delight it hearing the benefits of tweaks.  The VPI definitely can be made to outperform the Technics, but that is not true right out of the box and not everyone has the patience or the money to go that route.  Like I said, two turntables that are focused on different segments of the market.  I think we should be grateful to have the choice.
Bill that's kind of what I have interrupted from reading and listening from different posts. I think you have summed it up nicely...