technics 1200g tonearm question headshell angled not parallel to lp

I am using a Ortofon aftermarket headshell and when looking at it it appears to be angled and not parallel to the surface of the record.  It does not have azimuth adjustment but still is this normal for the tonearm to agle the headshell slightly without adjustment.  I have not had a S shaped tonearm and was wondering if it is defective.  Any thoughts? 

Did you try the stock shell to see if it appears parallel when inserted?  That may be the only way to judge if the arm is off.  This is a tough one to comment on otherwise because I haven't used your head shell.  I assume the Ortofon shell has a flat top to aide in this evaluation. 

I also am using aftermarket head shells with my 1200G.  I never did try the stock head shell to see if it appears parallel in the arm but given the quality of the entire table I'd be surprised if the arm is off.  I got 2 identical LP Gear Zupreme head shells for cart swapping.  The Zupreme does have azimuth adjustments and I found I had to take advantage of that.  The azimuth was pretty far off on both when I first put them in.   

When I got mine the stock head shell was not parallel I did not have the shelf or table level yet and changed to a Zupreme also when setting up and leveling. Did not try the stock one again maybe I should, you would think with all parameters correct it would be level. I would get a head shell with azimuth adjustment
There should be enough play in the socket to rotate the headshell and get correct azimuth.

Or are we talking about VTA here. OP needs to clarify.
If you are talking about azimuth then even the shell without azimuth adjustment can be slightly turned left or right in the tonearm lock on Technics. It is not a problem at all !

Stax is perfect lightweigh headshell with azimut adjustment, much better than ZuPreme which is actually Jelco (OEM).

The best headshells does not have azimuth adjustment (Zyx Live-18, AudioCraft, Grace HS-6 Carbon and many others).

If you're talking about VTA then adjust tonearm or try different mat. Hope there is nothing between your cartidge and shell. 

I know I can get an azimuth adjustable headshell.  i just thought the tonearm would accommodate a a non adjustable headshell much better than this.  thats why I thought it may be defective.

I liked the two comments I read above, level the table as the very first thing you do, and never judge azimuth from the arm rest position.

Azimuth should only be reviewed with the cart lowered onto the LP.  This is dopey simple but I balance a plastic swizzle stick (almost no weight) on the top of the head shell.  It's fairly easy to gauge azimuth seeing if the stick and LP surface are parallel.  Even the smallest of adjustments are obvious this way.

I am not judging azimuth.  I am wondering if the tonearm should just naturally list inwards?  seems bizzarre.
Up til now, I thought you were saying that the headshell does not sit at zero degrees azimuth, which means that when you view the headshell "on end", the flat top surface of the headshell is not parallel to the LP surface.  If this is NOT what you are worried about, then what ARE you worried about?  And before you go further, keep in mind that it is not a given fact that all headshells fit all tonearms properly.  I have seen some gross mismatches where the aftermarket headshell won't firmly seat in the end of the arm wand. Which is why you are best off to start out with the OEM headshell and work from there.

I disagree with Invictus, there should NOT be any play between the headshell and the arm wand when the collar is tightened.  And as you tighten the collar, play or wiggle in the azimuth setting should become increasingly limited until there is none.  At that point, if you perceive a need, you can use the built-in adjustment for azimuth on the headshell itself, if that is available.
@lewm I never once said there should be any play with the collar tightened. But there should be enough play with the collar loosened a bit, enough to adjust azimuth properly. I own the 1200G and everything adjusts perfectly. Never seen any azimuth issues on any other 1200s either.

Obviously OP refuses to take the time to properly explain the issue, so I’ll no longer waste my time trying to figure out his problem.
Invictus, Sorry for misunderstanding the intent of your post.  I agree with you that the OP seems to have left the building.  In cases where the headshell and arm wand are mis-mated, I HAVE seen some "wiggle", even after the collar is as tight as it can get.  That to me means the headshell and the tonearm do not like each other.

 I have not had a S shaped tonearm and was wondering if it is defective.  Any thoughts?

This is "S" shaped tonearm, you have plastic overhang gauge that comes with turntable, if your stylus is right under the mark on the gauge then you're fine. They use Stevenson (very close to Stevenson) geometry, not Baerwald on those arms. You can check with the Feickert protractor. You can always change the geometry to Baerwald if you want.