Technics 1200G phono recommendations

I plan to purchase a Technics 1200G turntable. Need recommendations for a phono stage. Budget under under 3k, used ok. I do not want to exceed the quality of the turntable, if that makes sense. Would also appreciate recommendations on Ortofon cartridge to match the level of TT. 
Will pair it with Mastersound 845 tube amp and Diapason adamantes III speakers. 

How much difference  does a tube phono make? Is it safe to assume that SS phono will be just as good as tube phono? I'd like to have a totally analog system, including a tube phono, but not sure how much SS phono will take away from analog sound. 
Cartridge most likely Ortofon MC Cadenza blue. Does that change anything? 
Well, it might get complicated. If the table is "detail oriented" this doesn't mean that you want to screw this up by using cartridge that can't make use of that. Cartridge can be both warm enough and detailed.
As for SS/tube depending on speaker efficiency, I don't know but not sure this is correct.  You don't want noisy phono stage in any case. Also, the choice of tubes may matter.
Consider psa audio phono of the year 2020 stereophile 

Now that might be worth trying if you go with SS. Make sure you can return it. Michael Fremer quite liked it, read his review, though he got some background noise with it at first before he moved the cables, so it is very sensitive in this respect.
Cartridge most likely Ortofon MC Cadenza blue. Does that change anything?

It is, you need a phono stage with optional gain and optional loading for MC. 

Gold Note PH-10 is excellent