Technics 1200G phono recommendations

I plan to purchase a Technics 1200G turntable. Need recommendations for a phono stage. Budget under under 3k, used ok. I do not want to exceed the quality of the turntable, if that makes sense. Would also appreciate recommendations on Ortofon cartridge to match the level of TT. 
Will pair it with Mastersound 845 tube amp and Diapason adamantes III speakers. 

How much difference  does a tube phono make? Is it safe to assume that SS phono will be just as good as tube phono? I'd like to have a totally analog system, including a tube phono, but not sure how much SS phono will take away from analog sound. 
The questions you ask, although valid, are open to very subjective answers. I have the 1200G and use a Pass Labs XP-15, to my ears the sound is very analog in nature. I alternate between a Cayin tube and Luxman SS integrated. Since you have a tube amp, you will do no harm using a SS phono such as the Pass or Parasound JC3+. I have no experience with Ortofon cartridges, I use a Hana SL and it sounds great.     
subjective answers are precisely the types I'm looking for :)

If tubes? Herron. Just fantastic. Used (if you can find one) just under your threshold. If SS Sutherland Engineering or Parasound JC3/+ or JC3jr. There are many others. Look Simaudio as well, you will get close to your budget. 
Tube phono if using MM. If using LOMC, you'll have SUT or FET in either SS or tube phono amp.
A nicely sorted tube phono amp can have a more holographic sound.