Technics 1200 turntable, do I need a Phono Pre?

Sometimes good things happen... My girlfriend is packing for a move, comes across 2 boxes full of her old records, some good stuff. Says I can "borrow" them. I don't have a turntable so my brother offers to ship me his old DJ table a Technics 1200.

I tried researching but can't find out if it has a built in phono pre. I believe he has an MM Ortofon cartridge on it. Can anyone shed some light?

If I need a phono pre then I will get a NAD phono pre for $130 and be up and running.

Thanks in advance
The Technics does not have a built in phono preamp. I will assume your amp doesn't support a phono input either.

Yeah, what electronics are you plugging the Technics into? The Technics doesn't have a phono stage but your receiver may.
Audio Technica makes an inexpensive phono preamp (Audio Technica PEQ3) on sale for $43 at Needledoctor. Very good value for a bone fide quality phono preamp--entry to mid level. Looks good too.
I have a Rotel that sounds very good for the money. If I was looking right now, I might try the Cambridge Azure for around $99.99. at AA. It has great reviews and I love the Azure 540a v2 integrated amp I picked up used. Cambridge is high value for the buck IMO.
It's the Cambridge 640A that really kicks butt under $200. I used one for 3 years until I replaced it with a Jolida tube unit at more than double the price. If you don't spring for the 640A, you might as well get the Audio Technica PEQ3.
Thanks, great suggestions. I ended up ordering the NAD PP2I from AA since I run a NAD 370. I may try others, the 640A perhaps...

Got my brother's Technics 1200 MK II table and after cleaning up candle wax and what looked like dried up Bourbon from under the platter (hey it is a DJ table) and adjusting the arm height and stylus weight started spinning records.

I have not had this much fun in over 25 years, how I wish I had kept my own records. Just for fun I queued up the Eagles Hotel California on both the table and CD and started switching back and forth for a quick comparison. WOW the sound from the table is more "real" more "dimensional", you can almost smell the music if that makes sense :-), the treble MUCH better than CD (player is a well liked Marantz CD67SE), the sound is just more relaxed. Now I know what is meant by CD haze, just not there with records.

I ordered an Ortofon 2M Blue and can't wait to get it. Guess I'm finally back to vinyl after a long absence, better late then never ;-)