Technics 1200 Hinges

Does anyone out there know if there is a way to 'lock' the hinges for the dustcover on the 1200 so that they stay straight? I have twin 2 year olds that are obsessed with lifting the dustcover and I would love to find a way to keep that from happening.

Friend has the same problem. no solution for hinge lock. use a simple Nylon web belt (velcro or D-ring style) around the entire TT to "lock down" the cover.
good luck, ed
KAB sells a set of non-hinges. You replace the hinges with a set of slip in type. If the kids is string then he will be able to tilt the table up, or snap them. Thing is to get the kid to understand ...
Gadfly, "Thing is to get the kid to understand ... "

The secret to raising children. How many do you have? :)
I had a feeling that the 'best' solution would be some kind of belt. It seems a bit strange to me that you can't lock the technics hinges straight. I ordered the no-hinges from KAB, but they are essentially feet which would sill allow them to push around the top.

My hope is that this ends around 3 and a half or so. That means another 18months with the twins and another 3 and a half years for the newborn.'d be amazed at how many times I 'work' with my boys to get them to understand that the turntable is off limits. They LOVE to lift the top just a little to see the platter spin and to push the buttons.