Technical question - satellites and TVs

Is it possible to set up a video camera and send real time images via satellite to a dedicated tv/monitor?

Where can I find more info on how to do something like this?

I should elaborate. I know it's possible it's done all the time by networks. I am interested how in what it would take for an individual to send images via satellite into homes of clients. What gear would you need. I think networks rent satellite time. Can an individual? What about permits? Etc...

Where should I go to start investigating this?
FCC, NASA, and I hope that you have REALLY deep pockets!
Can't you just use a webcam and view it over an internet connection? It could cost as little as $50 depending on the type and location of the camera.

Actually, i'm interested in the highest quality picture possible. If the image can't be amazing, the idea is useless. I'd want the signal to be 24hr/day.
You can do very good quality over the internet with a high speed connection. Satellite time, not to mention, transmitting equipment, is going to be expensive. You might want to see about renting time from DirecTv or Dish Network. Still not cheap but much more so than building it yourself.
Talk to people like iDirect or Bell - if you need satelllite (about $500 a day plus you need the about 8K of gear at each end). Alterntively you can lease T1 links, I think they run about $350 to $500 a month in metro areas (1.544 Mb/s)
How do the dedicated videoconferencing systems work? Kubla, my understanding (you would know) is that the studios and networks use that technology to look at dailies and I assume the quality is excellent. Have you tried Googling the subject?
There are online companies that will let you do this. I also think x-10 has a set up for this where you watch your house via the internet from anywhere in the world.