Technical question about Bel Canto CD2

Hi all!  Maybe somebody has a thought to offer.  I have a Bel Canto CD2.  It's been sitting idle in standby mode for quite an extended period of time due to a recurring tumor issue in my right middle ear which causes me significant problems.  It can be quite painful for me to listen to music so I haven't in a long time.  Clearly I should have just powered the system down during this time, but I didn't.  Anyway, yesterday I was really jonesin' for a listening session and when I put a disc on the CD2 and pushed the button, the disc spun momentarily and then stopped.  The display shows 4 horizontal bars and won't do anything else.  Also, the player will not respond to the remote.  Brand new batteries in remote.  I've shut down, unplugged, and started over multiple times with the same results.  I figure I need to send it to Bel Canto for repair, but wanted to check here first to see if anyone might have an idea about what this is or might be.  Thanks a bunch!
It seems like the firmware got corrupted somehow. Pretty sure you will have to send it in to BC to get it fixed.
Consult BC for a possible fix to your issue.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Thank you paul79 and jafant for your replies.  Definitely going to send it to BC for repairs.  I haven't been active in the hobby for a while.  No listening sessions.  No audiogon.  It feels good to be back and I can hardly wait until I can once again be listening.  Until then, there's plenty of audiogon browsing to do!  Cheers!
So let me take my situation in a different direction here. What do you all think?  What would you do?  Part of the hobby/addiction for me is getting and trying different gear.  As I'm perusing the ads, I'm there another cd player that I should be considering?  I'm running the CD2 directly into a pair of Wyred 4 Sound SX1000's.  Electronics are plugged into a PS Audio P1000 ac regenerator.  Interconnects/speaker wire is Speltz Anti Cable.  XLR on the interconnects.  Speakers are a one off pair of Chapman Audio Systems T6 MKII's sitting on Symposium Svelte Shelves.  The speakers present  a 4 ohm load.  The amps are rated at 1000 or 1100 watts into a 4 ohm load and they sound amazing!  I'm in love with the sound that I've finally achieved after decades of buying and trying.  You'd think I'd be content right?  Well I am.  That all being said, while the Bel Canto CD2 is an amazing piece of gear IMO, it is an older piece now.  I know it's well worth the cost of repair...I'm just wondering what some of you might have to say about this.  I need a player with variable output with excellent gain capabilty so that I can run my amps.  Could probably spend  up to $2,000.00.   What say you?