Technical Pro MRS series monitor speakers.

Please give your opinions/experiences with the Technical Pro mrs4/mrs43u/mrs5/mrs53u/mrs6/mrs63u/mrs8/mrs83u/mrs8ur monitor speaker pairs. Would you recommend them as they are budget 'engineered in japan' speakers with large 3 inch tweeters. I am looking for a bright sound with nonexistant bass. An unrefined sound that is pretty lat and only accentuates the highs enough to outshine everything else. And a midrange where voices are clear but not overdoing it. Bass at minimum as I said. Will these foot the billl? And also can you recommend any other budget brands where you pay $200 or less for a pair of amplified speakers such as these. Feel free to share how you feel about everything pertaining to this. thanks.
Where did you get the suggestion. From a purely superficial persective these certainly sound like they are worth an audition. As has been said a million times akl the words in the world are not equal to a good listen. Listen to them and you will know. I ha ven't heard them or of them so it's up to you to do the footwork and find a pair to listen to.