Technical Help with DIY Power cords, Please?

Hi everybody -
I'm going to be building power cords for a pair of monoblocs and I'll be using 12-guage shielded stranded conductors. I've made plenty of power cords before for tools, but never used shielded wire. I hate to sound so ignorant, but should the shield be tied to the grounding conductor, left to float, or some other configuration? Any help greatly appreciated.
The shield should only be tied to earth, not (+) or (-) and only at the receptacle end, not at the IEC end. If it is tied at both ends, it can act as an inferior groung path and cause hum. Hope this helps. Ususal disclaimer, if you burn down your house and kill yourself, I am not responsible and will not send flowers to the funeral. YMMV.
Marty's comments are in keeping with the procedure I used when building about a half dozen cables. The grounding wire was only connected at the wall, NOT at the amp. The idea is to drain away from the amp.
go to he has some diy info on what you want...i wouldnt put the shield on any end if it has 3 wires already,chris does hook the shield from a belden wire for a digital cord,read his stuff,his web sight on here
Many thanks.
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