Technic SL-1200GR VTA bearing movement. Is this normal?

I purchased a new 1200GR TT in October 2021. I have really been enjoying the table. I'm just getting back into HIFI audio. 

The other day, I noticed if I grasp the metal body directly under where the Anti-skate dial sets on,  I can slightly move the entire VTA assembly back and forth. Is this normal? 

I called the store I purchased it from, I asked the owner to check a TT on the floor to see if his tables have the same movement. He tried it while I was talking to him. He said yes, his slightly moves too. We are talking about 1mm of movement. This does not seem right to me at all. 

For the folks that own this TT, can you check to see if this movement is on your table? 

My height is set to 3mm. I have the VTA locked down.  Grasp the metal body directly under the anti-skate dial and slightly pull towards yourself and then away from you. Does your VTA adjuster move at all. I am talking the hole assembly, not the arm bearings.

Thanks for your help.