Technic’s Malaysian turntables …QC experience/ feedback from actual users/owners?

Please,  If your only purpose is to bash Technics or the concept of direct-drive, please do not do it here.

Obviously too…this is not a representative sample…so mine and other experiences may (or may not) be indicative of the whole picture.  

I’ve read that some folks are experiencing wobble, warp, and other QC issues with some of the Malaysian tables only to be told that the tables are still within spec. What are your experiences with the fit and finish of the Malaysian tables?

My experience: Very disappointing.  I just returned a 1500c that should have never left the factory.  The table had an across the room wobble that a child could immediately recognize…yet they shipped it.  What concerns me most is that  I’ve been reading where  Technics and some of their dealers are saying that a certain amount of (easily-visible we’re talking) platter wobble may still be within spec.  Are these cases outliers…or indicative of a new, lesser, Technics standard?

P.S. Until this very morning….I thought the 1200GR,G,  and higher were still made in Japan…but will attach a notice from Technics I just found which appears to contradict that.    Maybe we can at least put to rest which tables are made where!






@roxy54   such a problem was my turntable i would never accept it, I would return it immediately.

Look here ....  and I could publish more

at 1'45"




I own a mk7 and the platter looks fine to me. The dots on strobe are not exactly even, so that may give impression that platter appears warped. However when focusing on just top edge, I dont notice much if any warp. 

Thanks for the responses …maybe going to Give the PIoneer PLX1000 a try…suspect it SOUNDS at least as good as an old 1200mk2… will report back if so…