TechDAS Reliability vs SME

Thank you for your thoughts and advice!

Wondering what the long term reliability is for more complicated turntable designs such as TechDAS with vacuum hold down vs designs without vacuum hold down.  Also somewhat concerned about who would fix a TechDAS issue if you were to have one?

Currently have a Sota turntable with vacuum system and SME IV.VI arm but I'm getting some new Wilson Audio Alexia V early next year and would like to upgrade my table as well.  I purchased a Mutech Hayabusa and Sutherland little LOCO k2 but haven't installed.  

Thinking TechDAS III or V but also interested in the new MK2 SME model 15.  

Yes I know TechDAS looks like it should be in a laboratory but I do like the idea of the amount of technology they have invested in turntable design.  Essentially I do like the look of the TechDAS, especially when the AirForce III was in white/silver color.  

Chad has increased my vinyl collection a ton in the last few years so ready to spend some money on my table. 

Thoughts or vote SME vs TechDAS! 


I have had my TechDas III Premium for about a month. Could not be happier with the sound and user interface. Love the vacuum hold down.

I have made the statement below in another Thread.

One of the TT Brands that has captured the attention of the Chief Designer is Kuzma.

For reasons that are personal to me, and I were to reignite an interest in a Belt Drive Design, the first port of call would be a Kuzma Model. This would also be the model to be used to compare any other Belt Drives to that might be discovered to be of interest.

"I do like the History of the Chief Designer from Tech Das and the TT's left in the wake of the career moves have been nothing short of very much sought after.

I also know that he still has a passion for TT design and will be seen delving into the designs that are present at a attended commercial event.

I would not suggest this is the sole reason to consider a TT, but it in reassuring to know where some of the design considerations may have evolved from, and how successful they have been as an older generation technology". 

@chauncey , which Sota do you have?  I believe a turntable requires two features to qualify, a suspension and vacuum clamping. The SME is a better table than the Techdas for a number of reasons. The SME uses reflex clamping which is good but not as good as vacuum. It has a fine suspension. The Techdas III and V are not fully suspended but does have vacuum clamping. A good vacuum system will perfectly flatten most records removing the pitch variations you get from warping. A full suspension isolates the turntable from the rest of the world.  The Sota Cosmos Vacuum has both. It's major failing is that it is not as sexy as the other two, but it is much more user friendly. You get a really great dust cover and you can rest your hand on it without causing skipping. It's motor and control system are arguably some of the best available at any price. It's corrective mechanism is gradual not sudden making it invisible. It not only tells you what speed you have selected but also the exact speed of the plater down to a thousandth of an RPM. 

The Cosmos might be plain on the outside but inside it has a 1" thick aircraft aluminum sub chassis just like an SME 30/2. The plater is machined from billet aluminum and comes off the lath in perfect balance. The bearing has a magnetic thrust mechanism which is much quieter and more durable than any other mechanical design. The tonearm board is a constrain layer boat anchor made specifically for your tonearm's weight so the suspension remains in balance. The Sota's only major problem is that there are only a limited number of  9 or 10" tonearms that will fit. The length issue is not a problem at all as the shorter arms outperform the larger ones. Arms that will fit include the 4 Point9, the Schroder CB the SME V, some of the Reeds and all of the Origin Live arms. 

At the price point the Sota Cosmos, is looking like a Belt Drive TT that is a worthwhile experience to seek out. 

Note that the TechDas III Premium S has suspension feet. The table is offered with and without suspension feet, although given the choice--I opted for the S version. My second arm on the table is a Kuzma 4 point.