Tech for CDP-101 repair

Can any of you out there recommend a repair tech for my vintage Sony CDP-101? I like to keep it around as point of reference, and I recently purchased two additional units for parts. Yes, I am insane.
Thomas I'll offer you my 102 at least it still works
Oh My God! That is a point of reference all right! Don't mean to be rude but the idea of listening to that thing brings back real bad memories! I got fired from a HiFi store for syaing what I thought of the sound of that thing when it came out. Everyone else there bought them! That reminds me of the thread today about the annoying sounds that drive audiophiles nuts!
Hi, you have the original Sony CD Player from 1983. I got the 2 best guys to fix it. First, Stan Warren. Stan is one of the best modifiers for digital and fixes everything. He used to be the main designer at PS Audio. He's in Portland Oregon. His number is 541 344 3696. The other guy I would recommend, is Terry Dewich. Terry was one of the main designers for Phillips in the 80s. He fixes everything. Tube Amps from the 60s to now. Krell, levinson, all those big receivers from the 70s. He is one of the most knowledgable people when it comes to fixing audio. Here's his email address.