Teac VRDS T-1 or EAD T-1000 ?


This is my first post here. I would like to ask some feedback from folks who have listened or have owned any (or both!) of the "classic" cd transports above.

When it comes to reliability and replacement transport mech availablility, which unit is has more edge? Can both read CD-R's? The EAD T-1000 boasts a custom re-clocking circuit, for a transport its age how does it compare to the VRDS T-1's own SPDIF output performance (e.g., jitter) if both are bone stock?

I don't know about T-1000, since I have had only the EAD 1000 cd player at home and haven't tried it's digital out, but I have had a bone stock T-1 and it left me stone cold. A medicore CD transport at best. I sold it as quickly as I bought it. A T-1 is a medicore CDT at best.

If you are looking for a good cdt on a cheap, try Muse Model 5 - I recently got one from AgoN for 350$ in excelent shape for my friend. It uses a popular Philips CDM 12.4 mechanism which can be sourced easyly and costs only 25$ + labour to replace.

The other route you may explore if you already have any DVD/CD player with digital out is getting Genesis Digital Lens. I recently made some comparisions and I cen tell you that my cheap Marantz CD-63KI CD player sounds better from his digital out fed through Digital Lens than my highly regarded Theta Data Basic II !

Of course Theta Data Basic II + DL sounds even better, but if you are on the budget you may try this route as well.

Hope this helps.

I second Elberoth2 .I use the Digital lens and find ,that it improves the sound dramaticaly.Krell Md-1 with ARC Dac-3.