Teac VRDS 10

I'm currently looking for a new CDP to replace my cambrige Audio CD 500 SE. The VRDS 10 is about $500.00 used is this a good unit in your opinion. Current system is Dynaco PAS 4 tube preamp, Belles 150A amp, Maggie MMG speakers, AQ viper IC and Tara Labs Prism Bi-Wire running full range. Please give me your views on this CDP by Teac.
Check out the Panasonic DVD H1000 as a Cd player. I have one and it sounds great as a CD player. It is solidly built and plays DVD's great also. Someone has one for sale for $400 (not me).
I may want to check as well for $500 used:
CAIRN Fog Face Nord
CONSONANCE CD 120 or 120 B
ARCAM Alpha 8 SE
Y B A CD Sp├ęcial
ROTEL RCD 1070 or,
ROTEL RCD - 1072.

Good luck
I previously owned the 10. Ran as a stand alone player , you can drive straight into amp, or as a transport. As a transport this is excellent value. The sucker weighs 28 lbs and is also nice to look at. For 500 its kinda a no brainer . Good luck
I own the D500SE as well. Great player when it is working. Major transport problems inherant in the "specialy made" transport. Though NAD is not known for great reliability either, the c542 is a bargain even new. The old Sony 9000 DVD player was wonderful and can be picked up on Audiogon for between 500 and 1000.