Teac UD 501 vs oppo 105d

I read good reviews regarding Teac UD 501 for $879 and Oppo 105d $1200 ? Is it worth spending the difference I need help here. My system andra 1 musical fidelity mono block 500w connected to concierto art audio amp n art audio preamp. and oppo DV 970 hd cables MIT n kimber .Dac wise which is better?
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The Oppo does more than just the DAC. You are playing for its universal disc playback

I think the Oppo and Teac are typical of the the Sabre32 vs BurrBrown sound signatures.

The Oppo is smoother and sweeter. The Teac is less detailed but has a slightly warmer more engaging sound.

You takes your pick.

I have the Oppo 95 and the UD-501. I prefer the 501
I had the Oppo 95 and 105, They have a long break in period before they sound their best and both sounded better using XLR outs. Both very good in their price range.
Doggiehowser bass wise which one is better?And transient which is better?thank you.
No offense, but I'm having some trouble with the descriptions. I think people often use smoother and less detailed as rough synonyms. Same with sweeter and warmer. Can you elaborate on the differences to clarify?
I find the transients on the BurrBrown has more impact - the smoothness I referred to on the Sabre was the smoothening of that.

FWIW I preferred a friend's DIY-ed AKM4490 to either the UD501 or the Oppo.
Break in? Really, serious. Typically that is hope over poor performance. Its a common affliction of audio people who make bad choices.
I want not to believe in break in, but I've heard it enough that I can't ignore reality.