TEAC UD 501 No Volume control

Hi. I ended up in a situation that I could use some help with. I setup is simple DAC, Sunfire AMP , B&W speakers. While researching DACs I between TEAC UD 301, 501 and NAd 1050, I found a great deal on UD 501 and got it. I did not pay attention to the fact that the volume control is for headphones only. Now I have a slight regret, (my lowest Iphone/iphod volume is not low enough at night). Should I sell 501 and get a 301 or NAD 1050 or should I spend money on a volume control. I use XLR balanced connection and would like to keep using them.

Not sure how much you paid for the 501 or what your budget is overall but the 501 has been replaced by the 503 and it seems to have a volume control. Here is one for sale here:


It might be the better long term move versus buying the 301 and maybe deciding a year or two from now you want to upgrade it.
What are you using as a source? If using a PC/NAS or external hard drive...

On the cheap you could use a network-connected Raspberry Pi to control the source and output USB from the pi to the DAC. Then use Volumio/Moode/Rune as the control software (via PC of smartphone) and enable software volume control.  Or a deluxe method would use a MicroRendu and your choice of control software like Roon or Lumin or many others.