Teac Tn-300 rip vinyl via Usb to computer?

Here is my quandary.

My daughter is in Alaska at university.

She has a Teac Tn-300 here that is supposed to be capable of outputting signal over Usb to rip vinyl to a computer.

Never done this and she has asked me to rip some of her vinyl and send to her on a sd card or thumb drive.

So the only pc I have here is my Dell laptop running win7.
What program would be best to do this with and be able to then export to a sd card or thumb drive.

Now here is an additional consideration, she is using an Apple Mac air at university. So the format I need to be able to be read on the Mac but ripped on Windows.
Is that possible even?

Thank you in advance.
I sent you a pm yesterday with some info suggesting two sites that you could use to do this transfer .    
Will gladly help if you run into issues but can’t get a reply ?