Teac PD H750

I'm about to purchase a new cdp. I've been looking around and just about pulled the trigger on a Marantz 6004cd. I like the idea of the usb port on the front. I just saw a Teac PD H750 cdp with the same features as the Marantz. I have not been able to find any reviews on this cdp to get an idea of what it's all about. Anyone here had a chance to listen to it? Thanks
It looks like a step up (or just the evolution of) from the PD-H600, which I have and is still recommended by Absolute Sound in their latest buying guide for CDPs under $2000. You can take that with a grain of salt but I really like my PD-H600 and I've had it for about two years now, if not longer.

Both units use trickle down from Esoteric and it shows (sounds). Can't comment on the Marantz though I wouldn't mind listening to the SA-8004.

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I liked the PD-H600 well enough to buy 2. Haven't heard the 750, though I think the Marantz 8004 is more the competition than the 6004, and then it's a matter of personal preference not quality difference. I believe the Marantz units in general have a warmer/softer sound.
Thanks for your responses. I am now considering an Oppo 103 as well...just not sure since it will be strictly 2 channel.
I have an OPPO 103 as well and the TEAC PD-H600 is the better of the two, in my system. YMMV.

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It's been 6 months since anyone posted on this thread. I'm wondering if anyone has actually listened to or owned the CD-H750.

Looking at the inside photos it is a totally different animal. I love the nice dac, transport, and iphone compatibility it has. Plus, in silver it would be a nice match to my Onix SP3 tube amp.

I'm serious about pulling the trigger on the TEAC, but $400 is no chump change for me. What you say?
there is a fairly recent line of teac cd players, the cd 1000, cd 2000, cd 3000. the latter lists for $2000. i,m not sure of the others. i have one i'm breaking in for review--the cd 3000.

look into the lower priced units. they require 500 hours of break-in, i've been told by a technician from teac.
The CD-H750 is my budget at $400. Not sure if the CD1000 at $800 is doable for me.
Mrtennis - I'll be extremely interested in your impressions/review of the CD3000; in particular your input on necessary break-in time. I have been "home auditioning" a CD3000 this past week.
hi ghosthouse:

i will be interested to compare impressions of this cd player, after it has been reviewed. I write for audiophilia.com.

there is a lot to review, as the player has many capabilities.

i have about 168 hours on the player. I can'y comment on my impressions, at this time, as it would be unprofessional.

i am interested in your impressions.

my system consists of the following:

a Blair Chapman preamp, using 2 12Au7, VTL mono blocks and Quicksilver Mid Monos, powering Quad ESLs or Magnepan 1.6s.

I am using High Fidelity Cables CT-1 interconnects and a variety of line cords. Speaker cable is Ear to Ear.

i hope this helps. My reference CD player is the Vincent CD-S7 DAC. It uses a 12AX7 and 2-6922s.
Sounds good, Mrtennis. I'll look for your review here on A'gon (after you publish on Audiophilia, I assume?) and add my comments. I'll list my gear at that time rather than further derail Sprink's post.
I just bought one of these to use as a transport for both my iPod and CDs. First impression is very strong. There's a lot of bass here, nice presentation of spacial elements and layering. More to come...