Just ordered one and was wondering if anyone could comment on this CD Player Thanks. I am using a Marantz CD6004 right now,had it for about 3 months Cant wait to do a sound comparision on the two.
I have one and am/was very happy with it. Sorry about the equivocation but there is a reason. When I first got it, I was more than happy with the sound. I even took it over to Acoustic Image and Elliot was more than happy to let me insert it in his system to have a go at it. It replaced a top of the line Ayon CDP and at first, it lacked some body compared to the Ayon but after a few minutes (literally) all was forgotten and we enjoyed the whole CD I had brought. It more than held its own. It should have no problem besting your Marantz, IMHO.

Fast forward to the present: I've gotten into computer audio and now prefer it to the TEAC PD-H600 to the point that I haven't listened to it for almost half a year now. Once in a great while I'll put on a CD but I still prefer my iMac.

This is not to knock the TEAC as I feel it is a great CDP and something as simple as system synergy could be at play here concerning my system. I thing you'll be pleasantly surprised.

All the best,
The Teac cd player i received, would not play cds at all had to return it. Really wanted to hear what it sounded like.

I just wanted to let you know that I changed out the ICs from the TEAC to my amp and it was so much better that I stopped listening to my iMac.

Sorry to hear about the faulty unit you received.

All the best,
I liked the Teac so much at it's closeout/used price that I bought two.
Just a update.Well guys after my problems with the teac didnt want to try another open boxed unit,so went with the new Marantz SA-8004,sounds a little cleaner then the CD-6004 and got it for the same price as a new teac. Its definitly improvement and also went with a pair of Mike morrows audio MA-5 interconnects,with the 5 day burn in service. was using a pair of Purist Audio Preasto Revision Musaeus ICs. Thanks for your comments and enjoy the music.