Teac NT-505 on Closeout by Walmart

There was some discussion tonight on Audiogon about this streamer/DAC.

‘’Walmart is currently closing it out (in black) for $1,199.


As always, YMMV. 😎

Nice heads up. Looks like a great value on a streamer/dac combo for those in need.
Hard to find a used one that cheap.
I am curious to know does the Teac unit use its own streaming software? Does it integrate Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer high quality streams? Also wondering what Teac is coming out with next, if this 505 model is being discontinued.
I have two of these and think they are great.  TEAC does have its own app, plus you can use the Lumin or Esoteric apps.  There are other apps you can use also.  I prefer BubbleUpNp.  There are others.  It supports Tidal and Qobuz, but I don't know if it does Deezer.  
Thank you vinyl_rules for posting this and the link. Had been looking at the NT-505 about a year ago after seeing it listed on Roon's website as Roon Ready. At this price and with all the positive reviews, I pulled the trigger and ordered one. Looking forward to receiving my new toy in a few days.
Had one of these, but regrettably returned. Better interconnects and power cable would have given an even better effect, but didn’t get around to it at the time. It’s a nice piece.
Two open box units available for $1199 on eBay from TEAC direct.
The units being sold on Walmart are brand new ones (not open box) direct from Onkyo, which owns TEAC.  There are currently 7 left.

I've had one for nearly a year and use the balanced output to my MA8900. I use it with my streaming services (Tidal/Qobuz) as well as my server. It functions very well and the DAC is better than the DA1 module in the McIntosh. I am using the Lumin software with it and it works great. I bought mine from Onkyo, it was a re-furb but you would never know it, it was perfect out of the box. 

This is a good price on a decent streamer/DAC combo. I plan on upgrading someday to a Lumin T2, but for the time being this does the job.
This unit doesn't appear to have digital audio out to connect your own DAC. Is that correct?
I cannot imagine Walmart has ever sold that, but they do allow other companies to run ads on their site.  Look at the bottom of the ad, an it will surely say  that another company is selling it.
I just checked,  The ad clearly states, "Sold and shipped by Onkyo USA". I really like my Onkyo CD player, and based on its performance, would guess that their integrated amp is pretty good.  Did they make the TEAC?
I cannot imagine Walmart has ever sold that, but they do allow other companies to run ads on their site. Look at the bottom of the ad, an it will surely say that another company is selling it.
I posted this earlier in the thread:

"The units being sold on Walmart are brand new ones (not open box) direct from Onkyo, which owns TEAC. There are currently 7 left."

@gvrana That is correct.  The DAC is excellent, but you are limited to the DAC in the NT-505.

This unit doesn't appear to have digital audio out to connect your own DAC. Is that correct?

For a period of time Onkyo USA was appointed the Teac distributor for the US when Teac didn’t want to do it themselves. These units are ones that they probably had in their warehouse when the agreement ended. During the Summer they were selling the UD-505 DAC through the Walmart Website for $899 which like this was half off. The integrated amp from this series is based on an NCore module and has gotten good reviews in the European press. Onkyo has nothing to do with the production of Teac models.
Ordered one on Tuesday. Delivered today. Brand new shipped from Onkyo (SoCal). I have (2) of the AP-505s, so this will make a nice secondary system.   Using Roon on the front end and streaming both Qobuz and Tidal.  Sounds pretty good with my Maggie LRSs and Purifi subs.
TEAC was one of Onkyo's brands starting in 2018.  It looks like TEAC is back on their own now.
What user interface does the Teac streamer use?  Does the brand have its own interface or do you need to use upnp or dnla software to stream qobuz or deezer and such services?  Does Tidal Connect recognize this streamer?
Teac has its own interface but Lumin interface also works and is better. I use Lumin app without issue - just works. Yes, Tidal and Qobuz natively supported. MQA also, fully.
Thanks for the heads up. Looked at it Fri night but couldn't decide. (it wasn't on my short list) then they sold them all. Apparently they found one more & I Just ordered the last one today. Started to go for the open box on Epay but didn't make up my mind till it was gone. So I got the privilege of paying sales tax ($114) Oh well. I'll call it an early birthday present which will bring me to the big seven oh!! My first streamer/Dac. Though I bought my 1st computer 30 yrs ago, I figured I'd better get something soon while I can still learn it. Golden years are a bonafide Trip!! Thanks @big_greg. You were a great help understanding & search some time back.  
@troidelover1499 There are a number of apps that will work with it. I use the Lumin app and Bubbleupnp. Tidal connect doesn't see it. Deezer doesn't support it. 

Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify work with it, plus network shares, and TunedIn.

Will do. I may be asking advice when I get it setup and gain understanding of its functions. It seems to get very good reviews, Seems that the biggest challenge is in finding the software that's easiest for the end user to understand. 
@artemus_5 Happy to help if I can.  I use Android - the Lumin app is what I would recommend, or BubbleUpNp.  I prefer BubbleUpNp, the interface on the Lumin app is not as intuitive.  There should also be a Lumin app for iphone, but BubbleUpNp is Android only.

I assume that  the quality of the coax cable running from my cdp to the Teac streamers Dac is important? Is that correct? It will be interesting to see IF the Teac DAC is better than the Theta Miles DAC. Looking at the Pangea XL & the Audio Envy. I have Pangea Power cords now but want to try the Audio Envy. $129 &
$149  respectively. They have  30 & 45 day return. Any other recommendations? Thanks
@artemus_5 I'm probably not the best person to ask about cables. I'm not using the DAC in the TEAC for anything other than the streamer, so no cable to the DAC. I'm not one that hears big differences in cables, other than a few that I've tried that made my system sound noticeably worse. I tend to focus more on function - will it connect securely, be the right length, have the right connectors, etc. Hopefully someone else can chime in. I don't have any experience with either of the cables you mentioned.

Maybe buy them both, return the one you like less?