TEAC NT-505 - How good is it?

On paper the TEAC NT-505 looks very promising. But first hands experience beats everything.
So I want to ask if any of you has had the opportunity to listen to it?

Right now I am auditioning the CAMBRIDGE AUDIO AZUR 851N NETWORK PLAYER it's good but the scene it set is kind of flat. tonal its very good
mate, there is a thread over on AVS that sheds a few icicles of understanding regarding this bit 'o kit

general consensus of those that actually have the DAC is that it is excellent. Built to a high standard, the DSD upsampling is actually something useful and you can use it as a ROON endpoint. I am an AK chip guy but have been considering the go NAD C658 for the Dirac vapor ware... wontcha buy an NT-505 and if you don't like it sell it to me...
I've enjoyed mine since mid-November. 
tell us more mate
It's too cheap and it's a mid-fi brand. Can't possibly be any good, can it?
Just read a review of the previous version and it was not a very positiv review.
Maybe Teac learnt from that?
reviews I have read of the NT-503 have all been very positive and the 505 is technically better with more functionality.