TEAC Esoteric X-01 SACD/CD Player

Hello from Old Europe ;-)
Has anybody heard the new TEAC (Esoteric) X-01 SACD/CD player? Can anybody comment on this masterpiece (approx. 12,000 USD)?
Sorry to go off on a tangent, but with the end of the Cold War, numerous Eastern Europe emerging economies and the EU stuff... I am confused... where exactly is Old Europe?
judging from the user name and the extension on the email addy, I'm gonna take a stab at Belgium...
I actually called TEAC-USA to ask when more information would be available. They said the unit will be imported to the US sometime by mid 2004. The rep mentioned it will likely only be available in silver which is strange considering the DV-50 is only available in black here in the US. Perhaps they are only made in silver. For obvious reasons I didnt ask about Old Europe. He said more information would be forthcoming at CES in January.

With the fervor the DV-50 created I am very much interested in hearing about the UX-1. Although its likely out of my budget for now.
Did he mentioned how much the unit cost?
I called Japan inquiring about Hong Kong. They also said mid 2004. They said that it is a new model and they will evaluate performance, make enhancements, etc. based upon the feedback from the Japanese market.

Am also on the fence now as to whether to get a DV-50, wait for the UX-1, or both. The list for both units is 1.2M yen or so.

Has anyone heard it yet?
Here in Tokyo it is considered as the best sacd. the UX1 has compromised quality for formats (compromises at this price level may not be a good thing) but I have heard the X 01 and it is more impressive than the best of Accuphase and certainly better than the krell-sony-marantz-tri vista level. With no sacd digital out, nor (I think) a digital in, it is somewhat restricted. W. Clock feature (another $10K or so) also available but my ears could not distinguish.
Ilive in Cornwall,England,and I have the UX1,I purchased it from Hong kong for a very reasonable price and wonderfull servie.T he player is outstanding in all departments and it looks great too.I personaly consider it to be the best cd player I have ever heard,and I have had Levinson and Linn but this beats them hands down.Buy one you wont be sorry
I have recently auditioned Esoteric X-01, Bel Canto PL-1A and Burmester 001. X-01 was by far the best of the 3 and Burmester far the worse. My detailed findings are discussed in the following thred:
I did take a listen to the dv-50 at Experiance Audio in Seattle last weakend for about a hour. Tim has it paired up with a Anesextic Rhea, Plintus sa-102,Verity Parsifal Encore, I think Elrods on the power cords (I could be wrong), Interconents ?. With this combo I must say it sounded very nice, good soundstage, depth and detail I only heard a redbook cd not a sacd in it. I would certainly give it a listen,I would like to hear the X-01 but for that coin they are asking for the X-01 I would really give the Meitner, Audiomeca, DCS a serious listen.