Teac DV-50 or modding Sony SCD 777 ES

Have my Sony since new for about 2 years, have been satisfied with the sound though wanting to replace it with a better SACD/CD player that is front loading to simplify my setup. Heard a lot of good reviews on Teac, so picked up a Teac recently to compare.

Overall, CD playback is better on Teac from top to bottom especially with the upsample engaged. SACD is closer, but Teac is smoother overall. However, I am wasting half of my Teac since I don't play DVD-A or DVD-V on my 2-ch system and I have no intention to integrate my 2-ch with HT in the future. Even though Teac has a feature to turn off video section, but I am paying for features I will probably never use.

Will my money be better spend on modding my Sony? I don't want to spend any more than $1k to mod it. Or should I instead buy a dedicate CD/SACD players like Marantz or Accuphase? Not a big fan of Musical Fidelity because of the style.
Teac DV-50 is an universal player. Like you, I'm not going to integrate it with a HT system in the future, but take care that the market of audio has not yet designed a winner between DVD-A and SACD. It seems that a lot of discographics are interested to the new standard DVD-A/CD, where a side of disk is in DVD-A format, and the other one in CD. A machine with only CD/SACD standard, today, could be not "future-proof"!
Very good point, Pinox67. I don't own any DVD-A, but that doesn't mean SACD is winning the race 5 years from now. But the thought of using an universal player for 2-ch audio is still a waste...
Neither, get the Exemplar/Denon 2900 universal player which will outperform either. Or get the TEAC Esoteric UX-1.
I'm currently using the Denon A-11(5900) and its really good on all formats, SACD, DVDA, even redbook CD sounds good with the HDCD filters and 24bit Burr Brown DACs. Even if you don't use the video section, I consider it a bargain, as good as a dedicated CDP of the same price.
I have not heard the Teac DV50, Ask Dan Wright and Richard
Kern this are both honest modifier,Dan modified my sony
9000es,it sound unbelievable.You wont regret it.Thanks
You can email me if you want.