Teac Distinction Series Half Price

Noticing this series being sold off on Amazon and dealers for half price. I have liked a lot of recent Teac Reference gear, but not familiar with the Distinction series and there are no reviews. Wondering if members here are familiar with it and thoughts on it. At those prices it is very tempting. Thanks
Hello - I own a CD3000 purchased from Quest for Sound a year or two ago. It
was discounted then as a demo. I don't change out gear very often so might not
be exactly who you are looking for but compared to the modified Denon 2910
and Cambridge Audio CDP, before that...the TEAC is way more resolving and
(going by memory) throws a larger sound stage. SACD can be scary good (Peter
Gabriel's UP). Bass was very slow to appear but after long break in (XLO burn in
CD) it did finally get there and is very satisfactory now. The sound of the Denon
with BurrBrown is warmer but the TEAC might be a little more neutral. I liked the
"dual channel" design of the TEAC and it was priced right for me at
the time (similar to what you are seeing now). I have tried the USB/DAC but
don't use that regularly. Build and cosmetics (I have silver) are beautiful. It
seems very well made. Supposedly Esoteric engineers consulted on the design
but it does NOT contain parts from Esoteric pieces. It can do balanced out which
I have used and like depending on which amp I am running. Had a problem with
the first unit. Heavy static discharge killed it. TEAC service (3rd party biz in So
Cal) was responsive but a little confusing in their communications. Stephen
Monte intervened with TEAC sales mgt. and they shipped a replacement unit. No
problem since and I've been VERY careful about touching a ground before any
gear during winter season. There were 1 or 2 reviews as I recall...one from a
German HiFi mag the other in Audiophilia. I'll post links if I can find them. But
you are right NOT a lot of marketing push for this series. Maybe it's selling
better in Japan. Don't know. I'm happy with it. But I don't consider myself an
audiophile in the same style of some here. Good luck.
There's a German hifi review in their STEREO but it's in German. If you happen to read German, you can find a link to it at Quest for Sound. Just look up the TEAC CD-3000 there.

Here's the review that appeared in Audiophilia.
Thanks Ghosthouse. I notice there are a few for sale here, but the prices are the same as the new ones now go for.