TEAC AI-501 DA or W4S mINT Integrated? Class D

Has anyone listened to the new TEAC AI-501 DA integrated amp? Class D with 60 watts at 4 ohms, 30 watts at 8 ohms

I heard one paired with Spendors and it sounded very musical, even though it had yet to have a proper break-in. Plus, it is a very handsome unit with its retro meters.

The W4S mINT has more power (170w at 4 ohms and 100w at 8 ohms) and similar good ergonomics and great sound. But it's twice the price at $1500 vs. $850 for the TEAC.

Will be paired with a Marantz or TEAC CD player and Totem Arros, which are 87 dB and 4 ohms.

Also, how import are S/N ratios for Class D amps? TEAC is rated at 100 dB and the W4S is not disclosed.
Have both. W4S is worth the money difference and more. W4S has much smoother and more powerful amp, better Dac, better connectors and parts.
You can drive a much larger array of speakers with the W4S.
Both are quiet.