Teac AI 2000 integrated amp Opinions?

I am wondering how the Teac AI 2000 integrated amp would compare sound wise to say a Marantz PM 15 or PM 17, Yamaha A-S 801 or A-S 2000 (did not like the 2000) or even Anthem 225. Just trying to get some idea.  I know all systems and ears are different but opinions are sometimes surprisingly consistent.  thanks
I just bought a 1 year old Teac Distinction AI3000 and when I try and turn up the volume all the front panel lights start flashing and the music stops.
 Any ideas?
Sounds like it is going into protection. What are you trying to drive with it?  I would think it should be able to handle a  low impedance  but?/
Still looking for thoughts on the 2000.