Teac 4010S tape deck amp mods

I just had my Teac 4010S reel to reel compltely redone, moded with latest caps and updates. (haven't received it back yet) I've heard lots about Bottlehead amps being a good tape amp to run this source through. Anybody have experience with this type of set up? Currently I have Cary SLP05 and 120S. New to the tape scene so I'm not sure what my possiblities might be.
To get the best sound you will need to go directly from the heads to the bottlehead, bypassing all the teac stuff. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money. I have a number of r2r, the best is a playback only ITC. These were used in radio stations. The machines are quarter inch, two track and run at 7.5ips. The best part of them is the output is directly from the heads. That output was originally meant to go to other electontics like limiters and other broadcast processors. I go directly to a tube pre amp. With the two track broadcast library I have, it does not get much better.
As 'Buconero' says, you've got to amplify directly off the heads. You should visit 'The Tape Project' website, where there's a lot of info available on how to use a Bottlehead 'Seduction' phono pre as a playback amp. The process shown is geared towards the Technics 15XX series of decks, but the basics are applicable to any RTR.