TDL transmission line speakers

I was looking at a pair of TDL Monitor T/Line speakers ,they are quite large and was looking for some opinions of them , they have a walnut veneer with gold and brown trim , they have what looks like a bi radial bass driver , a mid range, and 2 tweeters ,does anyone know of these and would a M/fidelity 120wpc amplifier power them ok , at the moment i am using Spendor Bc1. Thanks
TDLs, derived from IMFs, are big, beefy, widerange speakers but like a bit of power. The MF should be OK.

They have to be 20 years old if I am correct, with a 6x9 type woofer. There are much better speakers for the used prices, such as Alon IIs, IV, & Vs, Vandersteens, etc.

And once you buy the TDLs good luck trying to resell them.

Happy Listening.
The TDL's you are looking at are the Studio Monitors made
prior to their last version The Reference Studio Monitor 'M' ,befor TDL closed it's doors.
They employ a super-tweeter, the 2 nd tweeter you have seen. Frequency res ( 18Hz - 35Khz )

You can get more info from this link,

The TDL reference speakers can sound pretty amazing if matched with the proper equipment.The ** BASS ** has to be heard to be believed. I have heard speakers costing $30K plus not even coming close in this area. But like any other speaker " nothing is perfect " as they say but you can be sure that you have a pair of speakers that is considered to be one of the best in re-producing the lower frequencies. Read the Positive Feedback review on the
Kharma Grande Ceremique's & you will know what i'm talking about.

The 120W is sufficient but with more power you will get better Dynamics & bass . Also i found a tube component in the chain (Pre in my case) to match very well.

I think the previous poster is mistaken in saying the speakers are 20 years old as i own the new Studio Monitor 'M' with the same bi-radial drivers which were
manufactured around 1998 , just befor TDL closed.

Listen to them if you can & let your ears be the judge. Good luck!