TD 124 Titanium bearing housing, or bronze thrust-

On ebay, I have seen two sellers with potentially interesting components for upgrading a Thorens 124 bearing. There is a person in California selling either a complete titanium bearing housing and thrust plate, or a stainless steel bearing housing and a titanium thrust plate.

There is also an Australian seller who makes gunmetal thrust plates for the TD 124.

Has anyone here, tried either of these tweaks, and do they bring an improvement over the standard bearing?

I have ordered the German bronze thrust plate and ceramic bearing for my Garrard 301, and would like to make some improvements also to my Thorens.
If I remember right a few months back there was a Review in ( and upgraded parts info ) Stereophile about the TD 124 and the reviewer mentioned aftermarket parts upgrades..If you go into the Stereophile web site and find the issue you may get some good info..Sorry thats all I can remember...Good luck........